Microwaveable heating pad, back pain relief, Flaxseed Rice Heating Pad, gift for a mom, Natural Pain Relief

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A Rice Heating pad is great Natural Pain Relief.Microwave A Hot Cold Pack can help ease muscle aches and chronic pain. Perfect size for neck and shoulder pain, back ache, sore knees, cramps. This Microwaveable heating pad easily conforms to fit just where you need it most.
* measures about 6” x 21”
* weighs about 2 pounds
* filler is rice or a rice and flaxseed mixture
* comes in a zip lock bag for easy storage and for freezer use
* comes with easy directions
* multi chamber to help disperse the heat evenly
* handmade by me in my home
* made to order

Please note all statements are from my personal experience and are not meant as medical advice.

Natural Pain Relief with Rice Flaxseed Heating Pads and Handmade Quilted items for the home