Embroidered Handmade Basket with Inspirational Saying

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Custom made, could take up to 10 business days to ship.


Our handmade baskets are sewn together using a cotton rope.  Then care is taken to embroider with a beautiful design that says “Grateful or Thankful”, it is sure to coordinate perfectly with your seasonal home decor.

Each of our baskets are handmade, therefore measurement are never going to be exact.  But we are happy to give you approximate measurements, to allow you to pick the best option available.  Please check our other listings for different shapes, as they become available.

This basket measures approximately 13” wide x 11” tall x 4” deep

These should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, and set out to dry. I do not recommend machine washing and drying.

Joy in creativity at an early age, led me to work with many different media.  I've worked with leather goods, making bags and jewelry.  And you can see that I still work with leather often.  I took classes on the art of needlework, which consisted of Needlepoint, Cross Stitch and Hand Embroidery.  I even spend time doing crochet and knitting, and at the same time shared the love of sewing as did my creative Grandmother.

In 2005, with my love of candles, I decided to explore the process of making my own and worked to exceed the quality of the store bought candles that I had been accustomed to buying.  And with that, Sandy's Candle Scent-Sations was born and I started hand-pouring soy candles.  I spent several months coming up with the best formula to pour the best burning candle that would give a fabulous scent throw.  I still hand pour those candles and tarts to this day.

Since 2013, I’ve also been “painting with thread” creating various embroidery items for customers all across the United States. My passion is creating special pieces with intricate details and shading that you would be proud to give as a gift to a loved one.  I invite you to take a look at the details, quality, and feel the love that I put into each and every piece.

All items in my store are created or embellished by me personally.  Most items are started when you place your order.  It can take a few hours to a couple of weeks to create your special piece, depending on what you are ordering.  The processing time will be listed in the description of the items you are ordering.  This time frame will be added to the time it takes the carrier to get your order to you.

If you are working with a deadline, please reach out to us and we’ll will do our best to meet your needs.

Being that our items are handmade, and most times personalized, we do not offer refund or returns.  However, if there is an issue with your order, please reach out to us, so that we can work with you.